Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beautiful wools for fall!

I'm going to participate in some shameless self promotion today and also ask you to take the poll here on my blog.

If you are looking for some inspiring fall colors take a look at these.

Autumn in Sedona available on eBay
Amber Waves of Grain available on Etsy

Chocolate Caramel available on Etsy
Tillin Up the Field available on Etsy

....and while we're mentioning Etsy....I hope you'll take a poll here on my blog answering whether or not you've bought or sold on Etsy. My Etsy store doesn't seem to be NEAR as busy as the eBay store. Of course I realize that eBay is HUGE-MONGOUS and has tons more traffic.

Just curious.
Hope to be back this afternoon!
Go forth and be creative,

1 comment:

  1. I voted. I have signed up as a buyer on Etsy, but am an Ebay junkie... you know that though!