Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh my! Free listing day on eBay!!!

(First Lady Coolidge holding a raccoon.)

Okay, I'll be quite honest....I haven't had anything on eBay in a coons age!!!

My friend and co-worker, Renee, has been the backbone of our eBay store for a while....she is a dyeing diva and obviously way more organized than I am. She can just dye and dye and dye.....she is the one who keeps our store stocked with those wonderful Karen Kahle colors!!!

I've felt like a whirling dervish here lately.....(okay, to be quite honest....I thought "whirling dervish" was just a saying until I googled it for a picture....this is an actual picture of a whirling dervish....if you want to learn more about this click here.)....working on small projects for a craft show in October, getting together class projects for the fall and winter at Simply Fibers and doing a lot of custom dyeing for folks all over the country. I love the custom soon as it cools off here in the Ozarks I'm going to be dyeing skies for folks from Florida to California.
From "sea to shining sea" or in this case from "sky to shining sky" as well as helping to color plan rugs.....Soooo exciting!!!! When I'm doing this I feel like I've found my "calling". So thanks to all of you who ask me to do these things for you....I love it!

However, this evening, I "got with it" and pulled some wools from my stash to make some wool combos for "free listing" night.

I've started them I hope you feel like you are at a REAL auction if you want to bid on them.

Here is what I have for you. Hopefully if you click on the pictures it will take you right to the least that is how it is supposed to work. (this blogging and linking gets easier all the time....but one never knows)
In this first combo I used the middle plaid wool as my inspiration and then dug through my personal wool stash to find just the right wools to work with it.....I think this is probably my favorite combo that I put together.
This one here is one of those fun ones that go from light to dark...peaches and cream to persimmon.This one here just screams fall and everything that is wonderful about it. This one down here is just an unusual piece of wool that I came across and just had to have some....reminds me of everything sweet and preppy.

Go forth and be creative,


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  1. Oh geez, I didn't even know it was free listing day!! Sheesh I am soo behind!! LOL!
    Well I guess I know what I'll be going today! hahaha!!
    And thanks for educating us on "whirling dervishes" !! hee hee, i had no idea either!
    Bren :D