Friday, August 31, 2007

Busy, busy, busy......

......aren't we all?!

I just can't believe it's the end of August!!!
Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

Hope you're having fun up in north Missouri and hope it's cooler there than here!

Lots going on lately!!! Still trying to finish up the little scissor keeper for my class. The one I started, I think, is going to be a little too difficult for a beginner to put together so it will probably go on eBay or Etsy and I'm going to start working up one with a little more simple finishing technique for my class sample. Hope to have a picture of the finished project later tonight.

Hope to take a picture in between tagging items for the "junk market" sale that Patti and I are doing on Saturday.....right now the weather is supposed to be sunny and not too hot so let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

It's always exciting to me to purge things that I am tired of and it's fun to see someone with that excited look on their face when they have found a treasure! Kind of a neat cycle if you ask me.....truly one woman's "tired stuff" is another woman's "treasure". I think getting rid of things opens up spaces in our lives for new things or experiences to come into them.

I'm getting rid of my chippy painted cupboards that were holding my wool. An old floor lamp. Lots of knick-knacks.....hoping it will be a good day!!! I just dread having to load and unload the truck!!! Hopefully when we unload it at the junk market we won't have much to re-load to take back home.

Wish us luck!!!


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