Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unexpected trip

Today I made an unexpected trip to the veterinarian's office

with Cleopatra.

For the past couple of days she has been breathing a

bit heavy, but for an older dog, when it’s REALLY hot outside,

we thought it was just the heat.

Last night, Kenny even took her in the pool to cool off.



She doesn’t do any swimming, she just likes to

be held.


Looks pretty relaxed doesn’t she?


No, we’ve never tried putting her on one of

the floating mattresses…..


….but she does enjoy, when she is feeling well,

running around the pool, while we are in it, barking

at us!


Of course she likes being dried off as well.

I woke up at 4am this morning because I heard her

STILL breathing heavy





Of course, since I work in a cardiology area, my first

thought is that she has congestive heart failure….

she’s older, 8, almost 9…..

Dr. Rudd

listened to her heart and said her heart sounded fine.

She then listened to her lungs and said she could only hear the

tops of her lungs filling, not the bottoms of them.

She was also running a fever.

She wanted to keep her for some x-rays and possibly some lab work

to find out what was going on.

I came home and took Lonnie for a walk, while it was still fairly cool

outside… to keep busy or else my mind starts to wander and

start thinking of lung cancer or some other malady that could

be causing Cleopatra’s problems.

Dr. Rudd called back and said her lungs looked fine on the chest x-rays,

but they took abdominal x-rays and they showed that she had a golf ball

size stone in her bladder.

She also has a urinary tract infection……

Cleopatra is home on antibiotics, pain meds and liver meds, because she also

had an elevated liver enzyme.

Dr. Cook (who removed Cleopatra’s cyst back in June)

will be doing Cleopatra’s surgery on Monday and hopefully

she’ll be feeling much better

after her stone removal.


  1. Tammy,
    I'm sure glad you took Cleopatra in when you did! Both of our boys have had bladder stones removed.... a few years ago now. Both did fine after surgery.
    I'll be thinking of you and hoping all goes well. We have to take good care of our babies.... Love the shot of you drying her off..... at the "spa" LOL!!
    Cathy G

  2. Awwww~ poor doggie! Hope all goes well for her on Monday and that she'll be good as new!

  3. Bless her little heart. Like you, I watch and evaluate all the signs when Charley if "off". Thank GOODNESS you took her to the vet and you can get this addressed on Monday. Will be anxious to hear how she does. Am sure she will be just fine.

    Love your long hair! Can't believe you are letting it grow out some. Like you, I am letting my hair grow out a bit. If Hillary can stand it - I can too. We might look like entirely different people the next time we see each other.

    Oh yeh.......who wouldn't want Kenny to hold them while in the pool? Just sayin..........

  4. poor baby I hope she is feeling well soon.

  5. Poor pup! I hope she feels better soon. It's hard when they can't tell us what's wrong.

  6. Poor Cleopatra--she must have been in pain! Sending healing prayers her way!

  7. hope she is feeling well soon. I like reading about the puppies and your rug hooking.

  8. Poor girl. I'm happy it's something that can be fixed so soon she can be back home with her family.

  9. Yes, we animal moms are very watchful over our wee ones. Glad you took Cleopatra to the vet and she is on the road to recovery. I have been nursing a problem with Ben's ear flushing it, and applying ointment inside. Almost took him to the vet today but knew that the meds I have will work I just have to be more diligent in the twice daily application and not stop just because he isn't shading his head anymore.


  10. It's Tuesday. Just checking in to see how Cleopatra is doing (and you and Kenny). I hope all went really well yesterday!

    We were all with you in spirit!