Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kind of bummed

Kind of bummed that my chair pads didn’t sell on eBay.

Perhaps I’ll try again in the fall when people are looking for more

darker, primitive colors and perhaps I’ll also lower the price.

These babies REALLY need a new home, more than I need the money for them.


I was asking $49.99 a piece, I think that sounds like

a fair price…..oh well, I know money is tight for a lot of

people these days.


On the bright side, I went with a friend/co-worker after

work last night to get a massage.

No, it wasn’t on the beach, but wouldn’t that be great?!

Slept like a baby last night!


  1. Cute chair pads! Not my theme though....don't really have a theme these days. I'm sure someone will pick them up. Oh to have a massage on the beach would be lovely! Have a great day!

  2. I love massages and after the divorce didn't splurge on that anymore. Have been thinking of going back because they are extremely relaxing.

    That is a very good price for the chair pads, as I've more than that on my bumblebee one I hooked. Am hoping someone will buy it this Saturday.

    Good luck on e-bay or etsy with them.