Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Obsessed and more rugs for sale

I’m a bit obsessed with this coffee table that I saw over at

What I loved about it were the iron forged legs and the rustic-ness

of it.

This morning, I went back to look at it again,

and noticed that it is a huge bread board or cutting


Now I love it even more!

I also love the stump end table….another item I’ve

been obsessed with for a while!

Do you have any big plans for the 4th today?

I don’t.

Perhaps it’s because it falls in the middle of the week.

I’m sure we’ll cook out something on the grill, but not sure

what….how about you?

(these aren’t my dogs, but they sure are cute!)


Here are the latest rugs that I’ve listed on eBay.

I hooked these several years ago, and honestly, I can’t believe

I’m selling them! Actually, I can, because I just don’t have a spot

for them, but it took me at least a year and a half to hook

the entire collection. They were drawn out by a local hooker here in

Missouri.  I used to have them sitting on my 6 primitive

dining room chairs, but I’ve since sold them, so now I need to

sell the chair pads as well….I’m sure they’ll find a new home

that will just love them as much as I have for all these years.


Click on the picture above if you want to see them

on eBay.

I’m really not trying to turn my blog into a “selling”

blog, I’m just trying to keep you updated about the

rug hooking stuff that I’m selling off in case you

or someone you know are interested.

I’ve signed myself up for a “ropes yoga” class on Thursday.

This is something I’ve never done before, so I’ll let you know

how it goes…..looks like fun!



  1. Tammy ~
    Enjoy your day! This mid-week holiday is kind of a bummer but at least it's a day off :)
    I love that coffee table, too!!!
    Sweet pooches, even if they aren't yours.
    Happy 4th :)

  2. Tammy,
    That yoga class looks down right dangerous, at least for someone who falls over so much. Better you than me, for sure.

    Love the coffee table, especially because it is the correct size for one. With everything I am having to shell out for my move, I will probably be using one of my trunks again for a coffee table. Need to buy a washer and dryer first and figure out how to paint the brick fireplace. I don't plan to use it and it kind of dominates that wall. Not going to do any painting on the walls until I have lived there for a bit and have a feel for the place.

    We have a tradition here for our 4th. Every year, we get a monsoon about 6 p.m. which floods the park, but ends in time for the fireworks.

  3. Hey you! Your idea of FUN looks like TORTURE to me! Let us know how it is!!!

  4. Hi Tammy...Love love love that coffee table. we would have so much fun shopping.
    We celebrated Canada with friends. Had a bbq and fireworks. lots of fun. Best part was Todd carrying a 50 flag pole with three flags across the lawn to be set up on the deck. It's still up. I love hearing the flags. cheers