Monday, July 9, 2012

Making do with what you have

As I shrug off many things that I have outgrown and no longer have a place for,

(been selling on eBay)

I’ve been finding a wee bit more time for working on my current rug.


I feel like this is coming along slowly, but then I remind myself

that it’s not a race.  I don’t have a “due date” for the rug.  I only

have to hook to please myself.

Still “working from my stash” some parts of the rug have been a bit

more challenging, but I have been “hooking on” using what I have.

I can’t wait to get the “hooking” done so I can work on hooking

in the fleece sections of this rug. Those areas will be up in the trees.


Have also tried to be a bit more creative in the kitchen, by using what I have

on hand.


Today, I’ve made a pasta salad using up some bacon we already had, cherry

tomatoes and herbs from Kenny’s garden and some snow peas from the

farmer’s market (I bought them, because they looked SOOOO good, but then got

them home and never could decide what to do with them)

….whipped it all together with some sour cream  (didn’t have enough)

and a bit of Kraft chipotle mayo…….I’ll let you know what Kenny thinks after we

try it tonight…..I’m learning to embrace an “un-recipe” and stop

throwing away food.


  1. Salad looks delicious. I've already made my green salad for tonight with spinach, romaine, raddicco, has fresh sweet basil and other wonderful things in it. Love summertime.

    Your rug is really looking great. And I will never ever forget your turkey rug. Ever! That rug was the best turkey hooked piece I've ever seen.


  2. I love your dog rug such a great job. your salad looks so yummy.

  3. Isn't it funny how we sometimes have to remind ourselves of things like "it isn't a race"? Love the salad.....I think when you have a garden, you get a little better about using what you have rather then following a recipe (that was a hard lesson for me, too). Stay cool! Jan

  4. That rug is going to beautiful when ever you get it done. I love hearing about other life happenings in between hooking projects. Cheers