Friday, July 6, 2012

The price of rugs on eBay

Seeing this makes me smile…..

An original Grenfell rug selling for $1,575.00



Then you run across something else like this….

A Molley Nye Tobey rug that sold for $598.88

That seems like a steal!


Here is something that I haven’t seen very often….

a more modern looking rug that brought a higher price.



The more folky rugs never surprise me with their prices.

This one brought $459.54


This is unusual, a Grenfell purse…..

This jewel brought $450.00


It bears in my mind that I’ve seen this rug in a book

or on the internet somewhere before….

This one brought $385.00


Am I the only one who peruses eBay to see what

hooked rugs are bringing these days?

Now that people have seen this older rug above

with the horse and trees and 3 birds in the sky,

how many times do you think you will see that

hooked by one of today’s hookers?

1 comment:

  1. Yes I also check ebay and etsy for rugs. Those Grenfell rugs were made in my neck of the woods. You can read about them here. cheers