Saturday, February 12, 2011

What to hook?

A few people have asked what I’m going to work on when I go to Sarasota……..honestly, I have no idea.  I have linen to make two large runners for my home.  Here are a few ideas that I have.

I love this….it’s a portion of a tree peony that I re-worked with photo shop….love it, but it’s REALLY pink…..maybe for my “studio room”, but not in my utility room or dining room, which is where I NEED rugs.


Here is another idea…..I really like this one and it would work well in the utility room….which leads to the garden….


I also seem to have an infatuation with river stones…..maybe something like this….


Here’s another photo that I reworked in photoshop

Then there is the idea of making the rug that says…… “How To Be Happy…..” with those things listed……


Decisions, decisions!


  1. I love the first one! All those gorgeous pinks.
    Just when are you doing all the dyeing for this project, Missy?????
    I decided what I was hooking about 6 mos ago and have been playing around with it........
    I am so excited!!!!!!!
    See you soon!

  2. These are all fabulous ideas! I really like what you're doing in photoshop, and think the pink floral would be gorgeous for your studio room. I love the abstractness of it. Hope you're having a ball and enjoyed the Ringling Brothers Campus. It was so good to see you last week. Let's get together when you get home and catch up.

  3. I love the soft greens and whites of the hydrangeas, but the pink is pretty hot too. Lots of great imaginative choices there.
    Have fun!

  4. Tammy ~
    Whatever you choose will be wonderful, I'm sure!
    Have a great time and take lots of pictures....please!!!
    Hugs :)

  5. hi! can you explain what you did to "rework" these in photoshop. I do have that program, but not sure how to do this. thanks!

  6. would love to know which part of photo shop you found that could do this??? I have tons of photos that I would love to hook....
    please share Tammy!

  7. BTW, I'm on my husbands acct...
    I'm Andrea not Mike! lol