Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to Be Happy…..

Deanne Fitzpatrick wrote an article on her blog about being happy… can read it HERE.

Anyway, some days you read things that really strike a chord with you, this one did and it inspired me to do this….

Kenny said, “what about take the dogs for a walk”…..well, today I might have to expand onto the bottom of the door….so far I’ve never put anything on the bottom half of the door…..maybe I’ll make one on the bottom just for the dogs…I mean, it would be at their height “How to make your dog happy….”

Just HAVING the chalkboard door makes me happy!

As does the way I spent my day yesterday…..kind of a picture montage.

Lonnie always likes to be close to you….even if you’re hooking. He’s at my feet but looking out the bedroom window.

No doubt, looking for squirrels or people walking their dogs.

After a bit he gets tired and decides to take a nap.

I just love the bottoms of dogs paws.

His are freckled.

Ahhhhh, what a nice way to spend the day! *Note the wadded up quilt at the end of the bed…it’s clean, but hard to put on the bed when the dogs decide they want to take a nap.

Here comes Cleopatra….she has stairs, so she can climb up.

“Hey, what’s going on?”


I think she’s deciding where she wants to stretch out.


I wish you would quit hooking and just pet on me.

She was a bit relentless, so I had to put down my hooking and give her some extra attention.

I just love her deep set eyes.

Ahhhh, now that she’s had a little petting, she’s ready to snuggle in….that is her favorite spot to lie…just at the edge of the bed by her stairs.

So peaceful.

I just love that sweet face!

And this sweet face too!

At this point, Lonnie thinks I’ve hooked enough….. “use that hand to pet me”


  1. Tammy, I so love the photos of your pups. Isn't it fun to interpret them? {grin}

  2. Your dogs are awesome! Cleopatra has a gorgeouse face. They know you love hooking but force your hand because you love them more - and they know it! SUE

  3. Deanne's post spoke to me as well! So many people look outside themselves for happiness ~ it's all right here ~ if we want to see it!! Love your helpers ~ they love you ~ you can see it on their little doggie faces!

  4. Tammy, what agreat post. I love how your babies always have a prime place to park their bodies. Great photos. JB

  5. Love your Happy chalkboard door....... way cool! Your fur babies are loved ....... and they know how to ask for more more more! Learn how to hook with one hand and pet me with the other MOM! LOL!
    Thanks for all the smiles today Tammy!
    Cathy G

  6. I really think your Happy chalkboard list is great. I'd do well to follow the whole thing everyday! Your dogs are charming. They remind me of my dog Gus.

  7. Dem dar is some big spotted feets.
    (says Charley)
    Charley is missing a toe on one of his feets!!!!!
    I think Charley has a crush on Cleopatra!!!!!! She's a babe!!!!!

  8. Not a bad way to spend the day. Went over & read her blog. Made a lot of sense. Thanks for a great post. Jan

  9. I so love checking in on your Pups...we lost our basset 11 years ago and we never had another pet after can you replace a perfectly behaved male??? And now in the RV there just isn't the space for one. So hugs to your babies.

  10. Tammy ~
    Wonderful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your babies! The hooking is looking good, too.
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Looks like you had a Great day! I love the picture of Lonnie's paw on your arm. Don't you wish they could talk?
    Going to Deanne's blog now to read the post. Thanks for the info.
    ps I finally posted on my blog this evening during the game.

  12. It's funny how they let you know what they want! Love all the great pictures!

  13. That one pic of Cleo looking at ypu is the best everrrr!!!!