Friday, February 18, 2011


Today I saw a part of Florida that I had never experienced before. I went kayaking in the mangroves. Can you see that little indentation in the trees? That's where we go in.

I'm in the orange kayak.

Once you get in the mangroves you are pretty much covered under a thick tree canopy & paddling through a narrow passage way.

When we came out of the mangroves we saw these birds, I rink they were white ibis.

Also came across another group of trees with lots of birds perched in them, now I can't remember if they were ibis or egrets....regardless, they were beautiful!

Another great day! The mangroves were beautiful, but also a bit eerie....i can see how this setting could inspire a great novel or movie....throw in a few alligators, getting lost at night or in a storm, well, you get the picture.....i have a very active imagination!
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Location:Montego Ln,Port Charlotte,United States

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  1. Such fun, I am sure, if you enjoy being on the water in such a small vehicle...:)
    We have had a few ibises around here...not native to our area. They are very beautiful