Thursday, February 3, 2011

I feel better now

Sometimes, when I have extra time, I wonder about things like “why do I blog?”

I think for me it’s just like a little on-line diary…..kind of keeping track of my life….where I’ve been, where I’m going….what I’m up to….what I’m interested in.  I try not to get caught up in “keeping up with the Jones’s of blogging”.  I see a lot of blogs out there and when you look at their houses, they look like they ordered their entire life out of a Pottery Barn catalog.    Not that there is anything wrong with Pottery Barn…..I think it’s great to use it as a jumping off point and a great place to get ideas…..I mean, I love how they have all of the artwork arranged on their walls……love that, but I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t want someone to come over to my house and think, “wow, her house looks like something out of Pottery Barn”. I guess I lean more towards the independent decorators…..who wants their house to look like someone else’s house? Not me!  To me that would be like showing up at a party in the same dress as several other girls….just so sad and unoriginal! Not saying it’s not beautiful by any means.   I really enjoy the blogs that let you peek into their “everyday lives”….it’s fun to see how you are “so like” people out there and also fun to see how other people are “so unlike” you.

Finding the balance of keeping your blog positive, but positive in a real way….yeah, we all have bad days, but I try not to share all my bad stuff…..I’d rather share the good….it really is good most of the time and the things I tend to bitch and gripe about are probably petty compared to what a lot of people have going on in their life….or maybe I feel like that is one of the reasons that I feel like life is good most of the time, because I choose to focus on the good parts and try to “change up” the things in my life that aren’t going right, so at least they’ll be different if nothing else. 

For those of you who started following me because I was into rug hooking, sometimes I feel like I’m letting you down (okay, I totally need to get over myself!)…..I haven’t been hooking near as much as I used to, but our lives change and take us to different places and different interests…..I did everything “rug hooking”, almost obsessively, for 10 years and I think I just burnt myself out…however, I feel like I’m getting my groove back and I’m almost finished with my 3rd garden rug and I have several ideas for more rugs in my head, so don’t be surprised if you see hooking showing up a little more regularly.

Cooking….yeah, still love the cooking when I have time and love sharing recipes when I stumble upon something that I think you need to try…..tomorrow I’m going to try my hand at a “healthier” carrot cake recipe, well, I’m thinking about it….kind of conflicted on “healthy desserts”….I always say I’d rather have a small piece of something wonderful than a big hunk of something that just doesn’t taste all that great….so we’ll see if I go for the “healthy” version or something that is totally Paula Deen!


  1. This is such a thoughtful blog post, Tammy. I can relate to many things you are saying about individuality and the question of where does one "fit" into the world. For me, blogging is a way to affirm myself, but also feel connected to a bigger world or a group. As far as your hooking, lots of our passionate hobbies need vacation time. Most creative people have several ventures going and it allows us to circulate between them. I think those fallow times lead to great things later on down the road. Your garden rugs are very cool, btw.

  2. I know what you're saying -- still not sure (somedays) why I blog but I love making those connections with people I would never have known if not for blogging. Life is not perfect & the blogs I love are the ones that reflect that. Thanks for visiting mine & offering encouragement. Take care & stay warm. Jan

  3. I so agree with you, Tammy, about keeping our blogs positive ~ everybody has bad stuff ~ but I like to share the fun stuff ~ things that I think uplift people! I love your recipes and love looking at what you do with your house ~ all the interesting artwork and the things that make you guys comfortable! Have a great weekend!

  4. I know exactly what you are saying, especially about the "keeping up with the Joneses type thing". I see all of these beautiful homes on these beautiful blogs, by these stay at home mom's who can do everything and their husbands don't mind the changes they make. All their pictures hung in groups, like you say in PB....which I love the look, but can't afford their stuff unless on clearance. Which I do on occasion, like last weekend, pick up something....but it's rare! It is getting a bit competitive, it seems! I get so hung up with it and then I get frustrated about my own blog! Ahhh, anyway....I agree with you!

  5. Tammy ~
    Great post! Yes, we all have bad days but I, too, try to focus on the good. I love the camaraderie of blogging. I have made so many new friends. I enjoy sharing my life with them and enjoy learning about theirs.
    As for PB houses ~ love the look but it is not me. I like to say that no one could duplicate my house even if they tried because I've amassed my pieces piecemeal over many years. It's just fun to have things that no one else can just go by.
    I started following your blog because of the hooking, but have enjoyed it even when it's hook-less.
    Hugs :)

  6. I'm there with you and at the end of the day, writing a blog, is more for yourself and others that WANT to read it! I have no problem if someone doesn't stick to one "subject" like rug hooking - I so enjoy seeing a new "found" piece added to a home, hearing about friends sharing a "margarita" - or whatever! And pics of homes - oh my - no one would ever say anything is perfect at my home - I think of some of the photo's I post with my cats or whatever - i "try" to crop out the messes behind it! LOL - Enjoy your day and keep on blogging with your hearts desires!

  7. Tammy - I do not have your email - can you send me an email ( and I'll send you the link - it's off a blog)

  8. And NEVER EVER feel bad about butter and Paula Dean! We all Love her! and just for the record, I'll come see you no matter what you say.. That's just how I roll..
    Do you need a Skippy Hug?

  9. Must be the time of year when we all have time to think about why we are blogging! LOL! I do the same thing and started mine as an outlet after my Mom got sick. Then I found that rug hookers have their own little niche and got extremely excited to find others so passionate about it. There are so many blogs out there that one can only hit a few favorites as time permits. Your blog is always positive and informative. And you aren't afraid to speak your mind on a subject like today. Of course Cleo and Lonnie ( and Kenny of course!) are the sweethearts we love to see what they're up to! You have a fine blog and are so talented. Thank-you for keeping on keeping on!
    Cathy G

  10. Tammy I only have a minute to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog whatever you chose blogging about. I like the diversity of blogs and feel a camaraderie with my followers and also I get a lot of emotional support from everyone and I try to give my support to those I think need a little caring note when the going gets tough.

    I like a person to be themselves and not carbon copies of someone else. After all we are all made unique with our own personal gifts that we were given.

    I hope that you will keep on blogging whenever you feel like it.

    There is so much changes a woman has to go through and our moods changes to but after a while things balances out and we return to our own self usually stronger than before feeling more secure about ourselves. Maybe, I'm speaking for myself but I think that this applies to most of us women as we go through life. Hugs,

    By the way, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Julia

  11. I enjoyed reading your doesn't matter if hooking is not included; after all we can only hook so fast, so in between it is nice to know and see what others are up to..I wish I had more time to visit and leave a little comment on each one. that so brightens my day....cheers

  12. Oh gosh! I know what you mean.... I'm not into hooking that much now. I'm sort of feeling much more passion towards drawing and painting. I think one of the reasons is that hooking is so time and labor intensive. I've started this wonderful garden rug (you've certainly been my inspiration) and I'm loving it.... but really.... where will it go? I would just love to get together soon and chat about all this. Also, completely with you on decorating. Love those blogs where you can get a peek into people's homes. A house is not a home until it's personalized with your "special stuff". Oh, have you got any gold wool?

  13. Great post Tammy.
    You can tell it was posted from the heart. That's what I love about you ---- it does come from THE HEART!
    Reading your blog - seeing your silly dogs - Hunky Kenny - the yard of yards ---- just gives me a great feeling of peace and big smiles to my face.
    I've been fortunate enough to meet you in person and I know what a darling you are.
    You just keep on - keepin on - doing your thang - and being your cute self. We'll all be here - readin and smilin!!!! xoxoxoxox