Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting closer

So, I’m guessing you can tell from all the pictures of the dogs with the hooking in the foreground yesterday, that I did a little hooking this weekend.

Here is where I’m at….

I still have areas of the rug that are bugging me, but I persevered and worked on the background and now I’m going back and working on some of the “problem areas”. Then, once I’ve worked those out, I’ll take those last 2 flowers and decide what to do with them….proddy, quilling, beading….still haven’t decided.

The petals of this light flower were blending into the leaf, so I went back and “loved up” some smaller wool in-between the leaf and the petal…..I tried just outlining it, but that didn’t work so hot, so the petal that is in the leaf with the dark purple around it still has to be re-worked as well.

I also had to do a little “lovin’” on the orange flower too….I put some hot pink around it.

Now I have to work on the leaf some more….it was like this below, but I’m working more green down into it….

I think tonight I’ll be dog-walking and reading and thinking about those last 2 flowers.

Oh yeah, they’re calling for MORE SNOW…..


  1. Oh, Such a happy rug! One can't help but smile when viewing it! Becky

  2. Your rug is very cool! I love the vibrant colors. I also appreciate how you are showing us what you are "lovin'" up. I'm new to this craft, and I'm beginning to understand that is part of the process. And to think I used to believe you great artists just nailed it on the first try! ;-)

  3. Tammy, I like your creative process. Your rugs all loo great. It's nice seeing you hook again. JB

  4. Boy you've been hookin' up a storm! I'm lovin' the close up pic of the pink, orange and lavendar. They look great together. I'm going to make a few Valentine's tonight.
    xo, Sheri

  5. What a great rug. Your hooking is perfection. I'm really enjoying the color choices. Brilliant!

  6. Tammy ~
    Oh, you are getting so close. I look forward to seeing all three of them hanging together.
    I hope you don't get too much more snow.
    Hugs :)