Monday, August 30, 2010

Vintage hooked rugs

Just letting you know that I’m selling a few of my vintage hooked rugs on ebay and starting them at just $4.99.

I have this large one that has a great shabby chic vibe.

As well as a companion piece that is very similar in style.

I’m continuing to downsize my belongings to make more room for my life.

I will be putting more odds and ends on ebay as well, so check in often to see what I have.

Click on the ebay banner to the right of my blog to go to my auctions.

I’m happy to report that it has been getting cooler here in the evenings.  Okay, maybe not cool, but not so sultry and sticky.  Dog walking has gone from a “chore” to once again being a pleasure.


  1. Wish I have a place for those! Off today to hang the show. I'll take pictures... The rugs you sent will look fabulous!

  2. Lovely vintage rugs. I'm sure they will find a good home fast.
    Did you sent your sultry heat our way?It's been very hot her for the last three days. KB