Sunday, August 22, 2010

A pillow for Aiden

Isn’t this precious… Aiden (I work with his mom, Ashley)being held by his proud big sister Addison.

I spent my first real day of stay-cation working on finishing up this pillow for baby Aiden.  As I sat outside, I thought about how pulling loops of wool and then pulling stitches to attach the piping to the pillow was rhythmic and soothing……like rocking a baby.  Handwork really is like therapy…..I’ve really missed it and hope to have time to hook more while I’m off this week.

I still have to get the back stitched on, but I thought I would share my progress from today.

This is not meant to be a tutorial, just a “how a person who doesn’t sew that much does things.  I hand stitched on the piping….which you can’t see all that much in this picture, but it’s a little bigger reveal than what I’ve shown so far.

As I was looking for a backing, I ran across this wool paisley shawl that I bought on ebay a few years back….it’s not an antique, but I was drawn to the colors and I thought it went great with the horse pillow… it had all that fringe that I just HAD to leave on….reminds me of a horse’s mane.

My original plan was to have a few buttons, so that I could make a pillow insert that could be taken out.  However, with my house in such upheaval, I was unable to find my buttonhole attachment for my sewing machine, so I just sewed the two pieces together, and will just stuff the pillow without making an insert.

I’m just going to tuck the raw edges in and hand stitch the fabric to the back, I’ve used t-pins to keep everything in place until it’s sewn together.  I hope to get this stitched and stuffed tonight and have a FINISHED picture for you tomorrow. I stitch “in the ditch” of the piping with really small stitches…..think of it as slow, soothing and rhythmic….each stitch a stitch of love and caring and wishes for this new precious life.


  1. come up with the cutest ideas! Love the 'mane'...hahaha! The entire piece is awesome.

  2. You really brought this simple pillow to life, with your story.
    Nice, nice touch Tammy. Lovely hooking.

  3. Looks like you've been busy! Great pillow! Hope your stay-cation is relaxing as well!

  4. Beautiful colors and beautiful idea for a new baby!

  5. Tammy ~
    Sweet gift for a very sweet baby :)
    Enjoy your stay-cation.
    Pug hugs :)