Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sneezing, birthdays and a drive by barking

Trying to get my “blog mojo” back…..have felt a little run down the past couple of days….at first I thought I was getting a cold, but now I’ve decided it’s allergies…. will run by Mama Jean’s after work tomorrow and pick up some quercetin.  I tried it last year with good luck, so I’ll give it another try this year. I’ve been pretty lucky that my allergies don’t really bother me all that much, but they always bother ME when they are not bothering anyone else. Go figure.

Today, I had a list of things that I wanted to get accomplished….

  • bind and make the little horse rug into a pillow
  • get the laundry caught up
  • paint a door with black chalkboard paint
  • clean out my car

Well, I didn’t get any of those things accomplished, but, Kenny and I did get up early and go over to his parent’s house for his brother’s birthday party… was a breakfast party.  (biscuits and gravy, sausage, breakfast casserole, tomatoes, cantaloupe, muffins and cheesecake!) (all I had was tomato, cantaloupe, 1 mini muffin, and a tiny, I mean TINY piece of breakfast casserole…..all so I could have a SMALL piece of cheesecake) We all sat outside under the carport and it was unusually cool……so nice, after all this wicked heat we’ve been having.

Last night I wrapped Shawn’s gifts…..lots of little gifts all wrapped up and then put inside of a BIG box that was also wrapped.  One thing about Shawn….he loves a party!

Here is Shawn with a few of his gifts before the unwrapping began.


He turned the big 4-0 this year! Can you see how excited he is?

Shawn LOVES cheesecake, so his mom made him a pumpkin cheesecake instead of a traditional birthday cake.

I’m pretty fast with the camera, but TOTALLY missed him blowing out the candles…..all I got was the smoke….

Now on to Shawn’s favorite part……the gifts…..I think this one was from his dad…..see how fast his hands work when he gets a gift….they are like a blur!

This is the gift from us, big and sparkly, with a sports magazine tied to the top.

Then once it was opened, it had MORE wrapped gifts on the inside…..he was excited!

“Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Mo!” said Shawn….

He picked an orange package….

…..and then onto the cards…..a lot of them had gift cards, which he LOVES!

Nothing quite like dreaming of what you are going to buy!

After the party, we ran by a new antiques store called Relics….lots of pretty things to look at, but nothing we needed at the moment….still trying hard to liquidate rather than accumulate, but it’s still fun to look.

Then, back to the ranch, I mean home :) Took a 2 hour nap, it was so nice, but once again….not helping me get anything done. Did one load of laundry and then sat outside by the pool with Kenny and read magazines, then Kenny picked up supper from The Purple Burrito (no we don’t have snow on the ground….just trying to show the purple building)

We all ( David (our friend) and I) told Kenny we wanted carne asada burritos, but of course Kenny ordered what he wanted, so he brought home a pork burrito, a carne asada burrito and a fish burrito…..we each got 1/3 of each kind……okay, so now I know that I LOVE the fish burrito, 2nd runner up was the pork burrito and the carne asada came in last place….never would have known that if he didn’t order 3 different kinds and we got to sample them.  If you live here in Springfield, you really need to give this place a try….they have one close to Glenstone and Sunshine and then there is another one on S. Campbell near Mama Jean’s.

Also, since it was WAY cooler than it has been the dogs got an extra long walk around the neighborhood near the art museum…. they found 1 rabbit tonight, which went and hid underneath a big bush, much to their dismay. Lonnie had to be content with chasing squirrels, and he didn’t see any cats until we were in the truck, so for that he just got to do what we call a “drive by barking”.

The list will still be there in the morning, after all, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Love the birthday party pictures of Shawn enjoying his day! Especially close to my heart ~ we always make a big celebration out of my son, Tad's birthdays ~ he would be hugely disappointed if we didn't! Happy Birthday, Shawn!

  2. Shawn looked like he had a wonderful birthday and that cheescake looked awesome.
    I think your time celebrating with him was much better spent than doing a list of chores. Lists can wait but 40th birthdays only come around once!

  3. What precious photos of Shawn! Don't you just want to "hug him and eat him up"....... So cute!!!!
    Wonderful wonderful photos.
    I closed my eyes so I couldn't see the Pumpkin Cheesecake! OMG!
    Sounds like you had a great day!

  4. It looks like Shawn had a great 40th birthday party! I'll bet you guys had fun too.
    Sorry about our movie date. The cable guy was at our house at 7:30 AM, yes on a SUNDAY!!!! He stayed until almost 11:00. (New DVR and replaced the old boxes in the rest of the house)
    So then I fell asleep until 5:00!!! My sister called me early to say she was going to sleep the day away too. So sorry I didn't call you before my nap, but it just "happened"!
    The TV reviews for Eat Pray Love are in and they are Not Good! I still think it will be good. I love Julia Roberts and I loved the book.
    xo, Sheri