Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to the Garden Rugs

Taking the garden rugs to work on at the lake this evening… are some “inspiration” pictures that I’m using.

Bird of Paradise

for this part of the rug…

Here are the color’s I’ve pulled out of my stash….really trying to use “what I have on hand”.  Here is a great tip… your colors together….that way they stay together for a certain area and you’re not always trying to track down that “other” piece of wool from the bottom of your basket or bag.

Morning Glory

for this part of the rug….

Here are the wools I pulled from my stash…

This area of the rug I’m going to try something different….

This is the color I’m thinking of….

….and this is what I’m thinking about for “technique”….I think this is called “couching”…..I’m going to secure this cording to the pattern using strips of wool, so it will be kind of 3D……


I doubt if I’ll get ALL of these things done tonight at hooking, but I’ll share what I do get completed.


  1. Tammy,
    Thanks for sharing your choices and the tip to pin them to the rug.
    I am really excited to see how the last entry with the cording turns out. Just that wool alone would look great. You are truly a master colorist!
    Enjoy the weekend at the lake! We are having a rainy weekend ahead of us. May yours be sunny and bright!

  2. Great looking wool swatches. Anxiously waiting to see some progress on your new rug. JB