Friday, August 27, 2010


The sun is shining, yet it’s not too hot just yet.  Posting a few random pictures this morning.

Cleopatra drinking out of her HUGE outdoor water bowl…the dogs have water inside as well, but Cleopatra always prefers to drink out of this HUGE bowl.

It’s been so hot for so long that there is not a whole lot going on in the garden, but we do have a few persistent bloomers….thank goodness for the tropical plants!

I don’t remember what this little spiky palm is called, but I love it’s shape….a big ball of palm atop a skinny spiky stem.

And yes, more updates on the floors….2 coats of finish on and 2 to go.


Headed to the lake for hooking tonight, so hope to have more “hooking related” posts when I return. Need to dig my way into the hooking room and find wools to take with me this evening…..with all of the stuff out of these two rooms, the rest of the house looks like Sanford and Son!


  1. So shiny. If your dogs are like mine, they might need a little traction control to maneuver around the floors! They look great.

  2. Love your new shiny floors. It's incredible how it brightens up the place. It must make you not want to leave the house. JB