Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taking a back seat

I really feel like my hooking has been taking a back seat…..have you noticed?

I guess I’ve just hooked and hooked and hooked so much the past few years, that now I’m just needing a break to do other things that obviously are more important to me now.

This weekend I WILL finish the pillow for the baby and maybe once I get my house in order I will feel like I can really sit down and make some wonderful rugs. 

I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head for rug designs….really wonderful ideas….I’m thinking of this time as one does when they make a really good soup…..some things are just better when they simmer.


  1. Taking a break is good. Looking forward to seeing what's swimming around in your head!

  2. Will be nice to see your newest images on linen. Glad you have enjoyed the time away. But your rug hooking has been missed.