Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Sunday full of good things!

This has really been a Sunday full of good things!!!

Sleeping in late and listening to the rain.
Doing a bit of wool dyeing.

Hanging out at Borders Bookstore with my husband......

...and finding cool books like


.....and having a delicious cafe mocha.

Driving out to the xeriscape garden....

...and seeing baby bunnies munching on leaves.
Having dinner at Panera downtown.
Walking the dogs and chasing rabbits on the Galloway Trail until they come home and pass out.

Yes, it truly has been a day chock full of GOOD THINGS!!!


  1. Tammy...looks like you had a great day! Isn't it amazing how each simple thing when put together with all the others takes on a whole different meaning?!?

  2. What a wonderful day you had!...especially waking up to the rain. Dont you just love Maryjanes book?...lots of cute creations. We have a Panera out here and to me its all comfort food, especially when it rains. Love your bunnies. Thanks for sharing your day. Toni

  3. Hey Tammy...I forgot...Panera Bread's cinnamon crunch bagels are sooo addictive. Have you had one? ohman...delish!

  4. Donchya just love days like that?! Just the BEST in my opinion! Thanks for sharing it with us!!
    xo Bren

  5. Jacque, My favorite bagels are the Asiago cheese bagles....yum!!! Panera started out here in Missouri as the "St. Louis Bread Company", but then I guess they changed to "Panera" we they decided to franchise nation wide. They also have a wonderful little pizza that you can get in the evenings called a "crispata"...YUMMY!