Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hurray for the Red, White and Blue!

Just got a call from my husband, Kenny: "oh man, I sooooo wish I had the camera with me!"
me: "why?"

him: "I'm on my way to the gym and on Bennett street they are getting ready to have a 4th of July parade and it is soooooo totally blogworthy! Little kids with their bicycles decorated, older people in red, white and blue top hats....a little girl with sparkles on her baton! It's sooo cool!"

Hmmmmm.....I see another digital camera in our future.

Funny, since I've started this blog we've had a new word added to our makes us look at things in a whole new light....little things that maybe we didn't always notice....things of beauty...we are always on the lookout for them now!

This is such a beautiful thing!

Speaking of beautiful are few "4th of July" related pictures that I found this morning that I think are wonderful.

Celebrating our nation

our state

our community

Go forth and celebrate,



  1.'re so funny. But I am in total agreement. I see things differently now and notice things I may not have noticed before that I want to share with others. Bloggable is the word I use (though I don't know if it is 1 'g' or 2...ha!) I've been taking my camera to work with me now some of the time, and see many things on the drive to and from that may end up on my blog someday. Keep up the good work.

  2. I was checking my site stats and saw your url as a visit. How funny that our sites are almost the same name. My personal site is Scrap To My Lu, because I'm a scrapbooker and my son's name is Lucas. My other site is Creative Blogs........thanks for having me as one of your favs.