Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just rambling

Wow! So many things to get done before vacation....but not so many that I can't spend a little bit of time having fun and finding quizzes like this.

I'd say mine is fairly accurate.....once I leave work and get out of my "scrubs".

Your Fashion Style is Urban

You've got a style all your own... and it works
Not too trendy, not too freaky - you've got streetwear down to a science
You always look cute and put together, but keep it comfortable too
You're the type of girl that creates trends and inspires others to be funky

I got into a big discussion with Trisha the other day on e-mail about shoes. She was asking about Crocs....wanting to know if I wore them at work and if they were comfortable.
In case you've been living in a cave....these are what Crocs look like.
Yes, I know....they are comfortable ...I get it.....but I just can't get past how "ugly" they are. Girls are supposed to "love" shoes......eh hem....beautiful shoes....not these icky plastic things!

Oh well.....some things remain a mystery.

Go forth in beautiful shoes,



  1. I'ma girl. I love shoes. And I love crocs! LOLOL your "go forth in beautiful shoes" cracked me up!!
    Some days you just NEED comfy shoes.. like comfort food - but these don't add pounds to your butt!! :P
    Bren :0)

  2. Try the Mary Jane style of crocs...they even have ones with FLOWERS printed on them! You must, must, try!! :)