Sunday, July 22, 2007

A relaxing day!

Good morning!
We had a great day yesterday!! The weather was PERFECT!!!
We headed to Ozark, Missouri to have lunch at "La Fiesta" on the square.

To celebrate the great weather and another perfect day we had of my favorites....this is what they call the MONSTER margarita......see why?

We then spent a good part of our day furniture shopping for our friend who is buying a house.....after much searching here are the final decisions. Did I mention it's a home from the 50's? I love the retro "Rat Pack" feel that this sofa invokes!Makes me think of Frank Sinatra and swilling martinis!

Then there is this chair....which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I love the shape and I love the fabric.

This sofa table.

Once we made it back home we took the girls for a nice long walk. Here they are hanging their heads out on the ride to the park.

Above is Cleopatra....below is Big Truvy.

Can you tell in the next picture that they are looking forward to getting out of the Blazer and going for their walk?
The park and all of the squirrels, children and other dogs are beckoning!!

Big Truvy likes to chase squirrels up their trees and then bark at them.....

and chase them from one tree to the next.

I was noticing how pretty some of the bark on the older trees is. The color and texture is just really superb!
It made me think of this reversible wool that I have in
my Etsy store. It's a wonderful wool from the Rebecca Erb collection.

Go forth and be creative,


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