Thursday, July 26, 2007

A day to DYE for!!!

I know I'm always saying this but.........

Wednesday was just the PERFECT day!!!

I got up early (5am) .....okay, not that early for me because that is the time I get up just about every day when I have to go to work, but on my DAY OFF's early!!!

It was cool outside which is NOT typical for the end of July here in the's usually so hot and muggy that you don't even want to move around. I got out my dye pans and just play, play, played!!! Here are my results. From left to right: Abalone Shell spot dyed, Spring Lettuce transitional dyed, Popsicle transitional dyed
OKAY. Some of you might be saying "what is transitional dyed"'s a word I made up for when you move from one color to the next and they kind of blend together or transition into one another.
From left to right: Garden Fox transitional dyed, Evening Fox fantasy dyed(SOLD), Bailey Blue abrash dyed(SOLD)

From left to right: Peacock Feathers transitional dyed, Old Onions transitional dyed (SOLD), Scarlett O'Hara spot dyed

From left to right: Winding Road transitional dyed, Rambling Rose transitional dyed, Shadows transitional dyed (somehow this one has a big blotch of blue on one part of it...go figure)

Since I'm getting ready to go on vacation these will be headed to Simply Fibers tonight for the girls that show up for hooking tonight. If you see something you just "have to have" just drop me a line at

These are $8 per quarter yard and are shown in 1 yard pieces. If you need close up pictures just drop me a line and I'll be happy to send better close up pictures for you.

Go forth and be creative,


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