Monday, November 30, 2009

A Simple Christmas

….in my mind that’s what I want.

I feel like I have a bit more time this year to do “crafty” Christmas things.

An idea I like…..

  • wrapping gifts in brown paper and tying with stamped muslin strips like this

Picture is from The French Nest Co. on Etsy  2 yards for $6….so beautiful!

I saw this idea in the new Somerset Life magazine when I was at Borders drinking coffee with my husband this weekend.  I believe in their project the muslin was tea-dyed, then ripped then stamped.  Not sure how long it would take, but I love the look!

Or you could make the ribbon and wrap it around a big hang tag and give it as a girlfriend gift.  Please take a look at her Etsy store and see all the uses she has for it…..simple and beautiful!

Here are some of the pics from Somerset Life.

I also loved the velvet bookmarks on the cover of the magazine

Made with velvet ribbon, ribbon clamps, jump ring and wayward jewelry…love them!  Hope to make them!


  1. OMGosh I so am gonna pick up that issue and make those bookmarks!! LOOOOVE them!!! Love the simple giftwrap idea too!

  2. LOVELY! Both the ideas and the magazine! Oh, and the idea of sipping coffee and looking at magazines at Borders with your husband? We do that for our dates too and I love it!

  3. Nice post! Love your blog.

  4. Nice post! Love your blog.

  5. I have something for you over at my blog.Come see!