Sunday, November 29, 2009

So slow…

….that’s how I feel about the progress on the garden rugs.

Of course, it would go faster if I would actually sit down and put in some hooking time.  It has just seemed so hard to do with the holidays, but I really need to make more time, or make it more of a priority.

The first panel is almost finished….I just need to finish up this flower here and outline the other lilies in purple to make them pop.

However, I have forged ahead and started working on one of the other panels….

Something about that vibrant red that just makes me happy!

The red flowers will be carried through all 3 of the rugs to unify the project.

Have a great day….probably not hooking today…today we’ll be decorating the tree…but perhaps this evening would be good for hooking.


  1. Hi Tammy,
    I love these garden rug panels! Your husband is a great designer. I really like how you have interpreted them so far! The outline around the lilies makes such a huge difference.
    Your work inspires me! Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. The panels are coming along great. It is difficult to carve out much hooking time during holiday prep. I love the photos you have been placing in your banner lately. Very beautiful images.

  3. Love it Tammy - those red flowers look a bit like poinsettas to me, but maybe I just have Christmas on my mind! LOL