Friday, November 27, 2009

Pictures from the day after


….and this would be the type of marketing that “I” succumb to….. ….saw it at TJ Maxx and had to have some!

In the meantime, MY “Tall Dark and Handsome” has headed off to work and both of the dogs piled in bed with me after he left….see the spot between the dogs?  That’s where I was a few hours ago….the dogs have no problems sleeping in.

So does your refrigerator look something like this this morning?  Left-over city? Now keep in mind when you look at this….we are a household of 2!  Granted, a lot of the space is taken up by drinks….milk, orange-pineapple juice, ice tea, wine, beer, water, Smirnoff Ice.  The entire door panel is taken up by condiments….we are king and queen of condiments here!

Oh yeah, and then there is the paintbrush…..I really need to do my red paint touch-ups and get that out of there….it would make Kenny so happy….not so much that the touch-ups are done, but that the red paintbrush in a baggy is GONE!

One of Kenny’s ferns in the kitchen, along with the last of the coneflowers in an Ikebana vase…..something that everyone really needs to have.  You can put a single flower in it and it looks like a piece of art….no skill of flower arranging required. We did go out yesterday afternoon, after the BIG FEED, and get a cut Christmas tree…..we haven’t had one of these for years….I just love the way it makes the house smell!

Kenny found a vintage rotating Christmas tree stand and it makes the tree rotate and it plays a little tinkly tune as it turns…..FUN!  The decorating will start tonight after Kenny gets it lit with twinkly lights.

We also picked up some poinsettias…..just $3.50 per plant….it’s starting to feel a little Christmassy around here now.

Have a blessed day!


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