Monday, November 16, 2009

Can you hear the heat?

I love that sound….when the heat kicks on….like my house purring that it is so happy to wrap me in it’s warm embrace.

Tonight it feels like winter is nipping at the heels of autumn…..


misty rain

snow to mix in about 1 am

I love this time of year,

I bustled home from work so I could make us some baked potato soup….heavenly

the scent of green onions sautéed in butter

mingling with the potatoes and cream

all adorned with crispy, salty bacon

a tangled mess of grated cheese

generous dollop of sour cream


heaven I say, heaven

These cold and blustery evenings tucked away in my

snug little home


  1. Wow!! Is that your potato soup? Yum! I will have to remember to dress mine up a bit!! Also, I love your new background on the blog ~ looks great!

  2. I made Baked Potatoe Soup the other night. I thought mine looked good, but yours looks much better! Yum!

  3. I hear ya! Oh that kitten looks just like our little Iris!

  4. The photo is not of my potato soup, but looks pretty close....mine had WAY more cheese on top!
    Scarfed mine up before I thought to take a picture :)

  5. Baked Potatoe Soup sounds lovely . . . I'm going to go google that recipe!