Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Den Re-do & I’ve been holding out on you

The den remodeling is almost complete.  It’s so much cozier than it was before and I love that my caribou rug finally has a real home in our house.

Just a few things that need tweaking….

We are still looking at gas logs to put in the fireplace and also an area rug….the red one is just a remnant that is not even bound….basically we have it down for the dogs to lay on…they are not big fans of the slate flooring.

The canoe was SUPPOSED to hold the components for the TV and surround sound, but it was not deep enough, so it still needs a few bits and bobs to fill it up…..Kenny loves to antique and he has LOTS of stuff up in the attic, so it shouldn’t take him long to do that.  I told him that I thought the agave plant has bad Feng Shui with it being so sharp and spiky, but he wants it there for the “good light”….okay…I guess I can live with that until summer :) At least he didn’t put it by the windows by my side of the bed like he put some spiky thing last year!

I think we also need something sitting under the table on the left to cover up the cord coming down from the lamp….hmmmm…funny how things jump out at you in pictures isn’t it? Maybe I should also paint the outlet cover red while I’m at it?

Today I’m waiting at home I love waiting at home on my days off for repair people for them to come and do more repairs on my bottom oven…..a while back I did the “self-clean” on the bottom oven….first time I’ve ever used it since we had the kitchen completed…..well, it should have been marked “self-destruct”!

It ended up busting the oven door glass into a jillion little pieces…

and they also came pouring out between the crack between the oven doors and went all over the floor!

Talk about FREAKING!!!! Well, this happened around October 7th and they came out once to replace the glass and KitchenAid had sent them the wrong size, soooo, they re-ordered and came out and replaced the glass……once they left I turned the bottom oven on to pre-heat it to 350 to make sure that worked……nope….no heat.  GREAT, REALLY NICE! So the nice people at Cook’s Appliance (they really are nice) came out to check on that and have ordered a thermostat, so today they are supposed to come out with an appliance dolly….pull out my double oven and replace that….cross your fingers that it will be working after that, because I’m hosting Thanksgiving at my house…’s my one big “thing” that I do every year.  Just thankful that I didn’t decide to “self-clean” the oven a day or two before Thanksgiving!

That would have REALLY been a nightmare!

I’m sharing the oven story NOW, because I am finally calming down about it and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyone know of a good cleaner to use on “self-cleaning” ovens? I’m absolutely scared to death to try and “self-clean” the top oven now……the ovens had JUST gone out of warranty about 5 months when this happened….I’d give it a try, but then I’m afraid they wouldn’t cover that one and I’d be SCREWED “up a creek”!

Our “original” double oven from 1954 still worked like a charm when we had the kitchen gutted and remodeled…..and it even self-cleaned. You’d think if you spent $x,xxx on a nice double oven it would work like it’s supposed to….things like this make me crazy and worse than that I feel like a sucker…spending my hard-earned money on something that doesn’t deliver…..maybe I should make another call to KitchenAid….I just don’t know what to do in cases like this. I’m thankful that they are repairing everything at no cost to me, but just disappointed that I have a self-cleaning oven that I’m afraid to self-clean.


  1. ohmygosh, Tammy! First of all, the den looks AWESOME! (The only thing missing is a nice primitive quilt! {grin}) That oven story is a horror story, for poor thing. Sure hope it all works out for you.

  2. Tammy
    Go here...looks like this has happened to many.....

    you'll have to cut and paste the link

  3. First, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on poor baby Moxie. My daughter loved her soo much in those few short days. And my 14yr old....she's something isn't she, standing up for herself like that! Thanks! Your den looks great and OMG about your oven door! I would never think something like that would happen. Good thing it wasn't days before Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday!

  4. I'd be freaking out too if my new oven did that! Geeez! Did the repair man say anything that maybe the thermostat broke before the glass did? And maybe the heat got too hot for the glass? Anyways, I have a self cleaning oven that I don't use the self clean anymore either... mine went through 2 heater elements already. Repairman says the ceramic is not designed to handle such heat for a long period on time... I'm thinkin', duh? Anyways, for cleaning I just wipe with soap and water when I spill or splatter something.... we did use the regular easy off oven cleaner on it once with safe results... Hope my ramble has been some help... ~Sharon

  5. The same thing happened to my stove about 2 months ago. I swear when the glass blew I thought someone had fired a shotgun! Just about had a heart attack. The repair guy thought maybe I had closed the door and tapped one of the oven racks, making a slight chip in the glass. Kind of made sense because I have used the self clean lots of times before with no trouble.