Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The days are getting shorter…..or are the nights getting longer?

The light is getting softer.

The temperature is getting cooler.

Are you starting to feel the change of the seasons where you are at?


Today, I awoke to rainy skies and cool weather. The windows were open so I decided to just snuggle in and watch a movie. I stayed in bed snuggled up with both of the dogs until 10am watching “The Diary of Anne Frank” from 1959…..3 hours….I was entranced. I love old black and white movies.

I then decided to get out and about…..went shopping and bought a few light sweaters….nothing as grand as this….which I covet from Anthropologie…..such drama!

However, I did get a black cowl neck sweater dress with a big belted waist… it! Now to figure out when to wear it…..I love it because it could be worn as a dress or you COULD wear it over jeans….however, I’m not a HUGE fan of that look. I could wear it with red pumps or long boots….I’m thinking the possibilities are endless!

One thing I know I WON’T be wearing it with are these….

ankle boots, booties….whatever you call them…unless you are 5’11” or over and have legs like Elle McPherson….these are a fashion travesty. I haven’t hated any kind of footwear more lately….well…there’s the Crocs…but that’s a whole other subject.

Ankle boots with jeans…yes…..dresses….a big fat NO!


  1. LOL! Ankle boots and leggings, UGH! Though if I had legs like that I might feel differently.

  2. lol, I was just discussing the trends with a friend yesterday. I'm not a fan of the ankle boots and dresses either.

  3. Tammy, Isn't our weather just fabulous?
    And I totally agree about the shoe boots. Kind of silly! But they would be OK with jeans.