Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wandering wools

Here are more wools that I dyed last weekend.  These are using a technique called “wandering”. Find out more about how to do this technique on “The Welcome Mat”.

This is such a fun technique to use and it yields beautiful, glowing wools.  I’m using some wandering wools I bought from Ken in my “Neon Footstool”.

Here are some of his wandering wools hooked.

I think he called this one “Tutti Fruitti”….it’s the center of the flower petals.

Here is another one he called “Red Sky at Night”, I’m using it in the scroll as well as in the heads of the coneflowers. I’m IN LOVE with this color!

Here are some of the ones I dyed.

I might use some of this really bright one in my hibiscus on my garden rugs…I think I used magenta, orange and yellow dyes for this one.

Today, I think I’ll head downtown and check out Cider Days…..or hook…still deciding.

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  1. The wool is great! When I went to check the site for for how to dye wandering wool it says by invitation only :(. Is it possible for you to copy the instructions and then paste them to your site? Thanks for sharing.