Friday, September 4, 2009

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program

with home remodeling!

I came home from work on Thursday to find that my husband, Kenny, had started tearing out our carpeting from the den.

He’s got the carpeting out….now he’s been scraping linoleum tiles from the floor… about a messy, dirty job!

I hate having the house in a state of havoc, but we have to go through this to get to the prettier parts. We have various lamps and pieces of furniture stuck in various parts of the house and it’s just going to get worse for a while when we have to have EVERYTHING out of this room to put the new floor in.  We’re going to have slate put down, the same slate that we have in the kitchen….can’t wait!

He also pulled down the “funeral parlor” curtains that were in our front room…..getting ready to put a dose of “modern” in that room as well.

Soooooo, while we are remodeling here are some pictures from my hooking group that met last week.

This rug is being hooked by JoLynne.  I wish you could see the sculpting that she has done on the flowers.

Here you can see her peeking out from behind her rug!

Marsha finished hooking this BIG rug from Pine Island Primitives to go in her entryway.

Here’s Marsha with her rug

We had a new hooker join our midst that night. Elizabeth was starting on a pumpkin rug.

Belva has this rug almost finished….it’s a big one…it’s going to be a gift.

We had another hooker join our group that night as well, Nancy.  She’s moved here from Colorado….we hope she comes back to hook with us again next meeting.  I can’t wait to watch her squirrel rug progress.

Rita was working on this cat and pumpkin rug.  Can you see the areas around the cat that she pulled out? She had hooked in a few different background possibilities and then we voted on our favorite.

Here is one of Rita’s finished rugs that she brought along….I love the branch hanger and wished I would have taken a picture of the back to show you how she did that!

There were more rugs being worked on that night, but those were the ones I was able to photograph.  I promise to have more pictures to share after we meet again on the 8th of September.

Have a great holiday weekend,



  1. Great post Tammy! Love the autumn blog look!

  2. Great pictures, great rugs, you gals are going to town down there.
    Look forward to seeing your remodeling when it is done.

    katie Warsaw

  3. Ahh Tammy more remodeling? The house is going to belong on the home tours schedule by the time you guys are done with it! Have you been to
    You'll get lots of ideas! ha like you really need any more creativity in your bones!

  4. Tammy:
    MORE REMODELING??? You crack me up!!! You have the patience of JOB!!!!!

    Loved the new look on your site - it's really putting me in the fall spirit - tho it's still 91 sunny degrees here.

    Loved Loved Loved Marsha's rug. What a stunner! Gorgeous!!!

    Keeps us posted with your remodeling to see all your results!

  5. I envy you on your remodeling but I'm the type who goes crazy when my house is in disarray! When we had our floors and ceilings done several years ago, I hid in the back bedroom with the cats and just tried to stay calm. I hope you'll post pictures (in progress ones too) so we can see what's going on.
    Tammy, I love the pictures from your hooking group. But would it be possible for you to include the cut size with the pictures? I'm very interested in what size these ladies are using as they create these lovely works.

  6. JoJo,
    I think most of the rugs the girls are working on are an 8 cut.
    Flooring guy came today.....we have to take up the particle board also before the floor can go in....YIKES!

  7. Great photos, as always, Tammy!

    It's so fun to see what the hookers in other parts of the country are doing!
    Love them all!