Sunday, September 13, 2009


I dyed GOBS and GOBS of wool yesterday! However, on this last batch I dyed them in long 1/2 yard pieces…something that I don’t normally do….I normally dye a yard at a time.

Well, they all came out looking like this:

All crumpled around the edges…this makes me INSANE!

Do I rewet them and hang them out to dry, iron them, what?!

Any ideas are appreciated.  Do you dye these long 1/2 yard pieces? How do you get yours to NOT do this?


  1. I have no advice or suggestions.. But I do know that you are so creative that you will come up with something gal!
    Hope to see you at hooking soon!

  2. Hi Tammy ~ I do dye in half yard pieces and I have had that happen occasionally and I've found it's really the quality of the wool. Is this something different than you ordinarily use? You can steam press it ~ that will help! And just folding it helps too. I don't blame you for being 'irked'!!

  3. Sorry I can't help you with your dilemna Tammy - I only dye recycled wool from clothing. HOpe you can figure it out!

  4. That sometimes happens to me too. Steaming works well...lotsa steam. Don't fret too much...the colors are fabulous!