Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Inspirations

I tried to write this earlier this morning with “Live Writer”, but I pushed the wrong button and it all disappeared dagnabit!

I was perusing the net this morning when I started coming across all of these beautiful ideas from “The Party Dress”

The first thing that caught my eyes were these…..little pumpkins dressed up with grosgrain ribbon wrapped around them (using double stick tape)

Serving up chili in various gourds.

and then there were these cute napkin rings….you can buy them at Moma nope I just looked…they don’t have them anymore but why do that when you could make them with some wooden napkin rings and chalk paint spoken like a true crafter…..yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen.

I love looking at all of these beautiful things on the internet, but then I start to feel totally inadequate….I mean, who has time to do all this stuff?

Sure, putting grosgrain ribbon around pumpkins with double stick tape sounds easy enough, but then you have to make a trip to the hobby store for ribbon and double stick tape, and then a trip to the grocery or farmers market for the little pumpkins.

Making chili is not that hard, but are you really going to scoop out all of those gourds?

DO any of you out there reading this relate? I mean, I’m doing good to keep the laundry caught up, cook supper 3 nights a week, walk the dogs, work full-time, yada, yada, yada…..Oh yeah….I’ve gotta have time to hook!

However, as I kept looking I did find a few things that might be do-able….at least for me.

Pouring some fall colored candies in a glass dish

Making a centerpiece using fall leaves, candles and nuts…..these leaves have little things written on them to be thankful for….I love that idea

Putting some branches in a glass vase with some pinecones in the bottom of it

These are things I can do, however, with the house still torn apart with the den remodeling….we’ll see if it happens or not.


  1. Great ideas, thanks for sharing! sure puts you in the Fall mood.

  2. I'm with you! I see and love all of these ideas...but, the time it takes. Now the little pumpkins, not too bad. Scooping out the stuff to make bowls, I think I would rather decorate with them then throw them away after eating out of them. Unless it were for a special occasion, then maybe! Thanks for sharing!

  3. "Fall colored candies in a glass dish" ~ ~ ~ well, THAT decoration wouldn't last long!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Love these ideas BUT...scooping out gourds for chili is even the limits for this super crafter! Maybe someone will invite us for dinner and serve us in these cute bowls! (Probably not!)
    I've got all six yards of wool soaking in the sink~ready to dye this afternoon.

  5. Thanks for linking to me, but in the future I would prefer that you don't....if you are going to tell people my ideas aren't realistic. I put a lot of time and thought into coming up with unique ideas, with the hope of inspiring people. The Party Dress is a forum for people's creativity to can choose not to participate, but please don't ruin it for others!