Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Public apology

To Kelly from "The Party Dress".

I'm sorry if my prior post offended you. I've already received several e-mails from several of my friends saying that they are going to make the pumpkins wrapped with the ribbons.

I think your site is DARLING and my intent with my post was not to discourage people from using your wonderful ideas. I have a LOT of creative people who read my blog on a daily basis and I really wanted to give them a chance to visit your website.

Now that I look back at my post, all of my references to your site show things that I thought were not realistic for ME to do at this time because I'm going through ANOTHER home remodeling of yet ANOTHER room in my home during one of my favorite decorating seasons.
I was a bit bummed out when I was writing that post....bummed out, discouraged, frustrated.....I don't normally let my bloggers see this side of me, and I'm sorry that one of the few times I did that you felt that your site was at the brunt of my post.
I love, Love, LOVE to look at sites like yours and yours is one of the most well put together sites I've run across in a long, Long time. Truly, better than Martha....Sincerely...that's a high compliment :)

I was just trying to show that sometimes that yes, even I, feel overwhelmed by the simplest of projects. I never intend to squelch the creative nature of anyone.

Can we be friends?



  1. Tammy, just my opinion here. I loved your last posting. Loved the ideas and plan on doing a few myself. I did not in any way take your remarks as putting down the item/craft shown. We all have time issues, but sharing such items as you did, helps us click on the link and then "save" it for later when we have time to catch up. I for one would not have known about the site if you didn't share it. So thank you! Nice of you to apologize, but I hope she understands your sharing gives her all the credit.. Again, just my opinion..

  2. I love your blog. I know exactly how you feel. My life is so full of some family challenges, that at the moment I have no time for anything except the challenges. I had never heard of her site, but I did go to it and I absolutely loved it. I will go back often, hopefully life will slow down, so I can actually make some of them. I'm glad your human and not always superwoman. Sandy

  3. Tammy ~ I didn't take it that way at all ~ I'm sure you would not have posted her link if you thought it was not worthy of a peek! Nice of you to apologize but I think she misunderstood!! Your faithful readers knew exactly where you were coming from ~ because we're all there with you!!

  4. Hi Tammy,
    I agree, I understood your intention which was to compliment her page and ideas. Thank you for sharing her site with us. I hope the apology is accepted. I personally did not take any ill feelings from your post. I think we all feel like we wish we could add more creativity to our daily lives, but its not always possible every day!

  5. Hey Tammy,
    I think you represented her site beautifully! Thank-you for sharing it! Thank-you too for being yourself and posting even when feeling overwhelmed with things! That's what blogging is all about! Life isn't that perfect, "decorate a pumpkin" feeling everyday as we know, but blogs like yours and Kelly's are what give us inspiration to keep on creating and telling it like it is! Cathy G

  6. Tammy, I have to agree with the others. I didn't take what you said as saying these things weren't possible for Anyone~~~just not for YOU right now. In the middle of remodeling. I happen to know that you would be just the girl to tackle some of these creative ideas if you weren't so overwhelmed right now. And I also linked to her site and loved it! Surely she just misunderstood what you were trying to say.
    p.s. Last night I taped ribbon to all of my little pumpkins! Very Cute!!!

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