Friday, September 11, 2009

The Beloved Island

Campobello Island, New Brunswick.

This is where President Franklin D. Roosevelt spent his summers as a child as well as when he was president. This is the “summer cottage”.

You can tour this for free when you are on the island. It’s beautiful…..I mean, these are the gardens in August. In August in Missouri, things are usually dried up and brown, so this was a real treat! Breathtaking vistas!

This is one of the children’s bedrooms. I took this picture, because I have a bed JUST LIKE THIS in my hooking room.

This is a huge megaphone that FDR would use to call out to ships and Eleanor would use it to call the children in to eat.

Most importantly, for this blogger anyway, are pictures of some of the handmade rugs that Eleanor had placed around the house. Handmade rugs, made by women who lived on Campobello Island.

We stayed for 3 days on the island. The people are hard-working and friendly and you get the feeling that you have gone back in time to when you were a kid… least that is how I felt. No franchises….all mom and pop joints, whether it be where you stay or where you eat. If you ever get a chance to visit I highly recommend it!


  1. Tammy,
    How wonderful you could take some extra time to go to the island while you were up there. I love your wild rug, the colors are really beautiful.


  2. Thanks for the little peak into history ~ loved it! And the flowers ~ ooh the flowers are lushious! Blessings, kt

  3. Nice Pics... Campobello is actually in New Brunswick Canada, NOT Nova Scotia. Glad you enjoyed your time there :)


  4. Thanks for the correction. I went back and fixed it :)
    We had planned on going to Nova Scotia, but fell in love with Campobello and ended up just staying there.

  5. We have been to Campobello Island also and your pictures and comments brought back alot of very happy memories of going there over the years when our kids were growing up.