Sunday, August 30, 2009

Color my world

If you look at the side bar you’ll notice that here in Springfield, Missouri we’re having glorious weather.I don’t remember the weather EVER being this cool in August.

To celebrate I pulled out the dye pots yesterday and did these!

The first one is a half yard piece that I experimented with tie-dyeing…when I pulled it out of the pot it had a lot of white places where the dye had not reached, so I popped it back in the dye pot with a light watermelon color to cover up the white, but still let the other colors shine through… fun!

The rest of these are spot dyes. Some over solids and this time I did some over plaids as well.

May your days be colorful!


PS Merphy and Murphy have both been adopted!!!! I'm off to find new dogs needing a homes for my side bar. Now that I think of it it's kind of neighbor's chihuahua, Buster, passed away on you think Buster used divine intervention?

1 comment:

  1. Oooh Tammy! LOVE that 3rd plaid in the 2nd pic! LOVE it!!! You're making me wanna try my hand at wool dying! Lovin' the color! :o)