Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brightening up an overcast day with wool

Yesterday was cool and overcast...I imagine our rainy, gloomy weather we've been having is how it would be if I lived in Seattle. It was a perfect day for dyeing wool. I had a previous customer contact me needing more wool for a project she was working on.....of course it wasn't a recipe that I had written down....that would make it too easy. I winged it and I think I came up with something that was fairly close and hopefully will work for her. The sample she sent me is on top and underneath is what came out of the dye pot. The white is a bit more white, due to a difference in wool suppliers.
Here are more wools that came out of the oven yesterday....mainly spot dyes.
In the photo below I think the first piece would make great fluffy peonies.
The second piece a wonderful sky and the last piece could be a night sky or some type of shadows.

Now, in the pics below, I think the first piece could make a great sky or water...going from dark to light.
The second piece would make a great background on a garden rug.
The last piece was my first attempt to match the wool in the very first picture....yep...not a winner for that, but would make a nice sky or ice.
Here is a bigger picture of the water/sky piece....I think this is one of my favorites!
Tomorrow I'll post pictures of further progress on Cleopatra's's coming along nicely and with all the gloomy weather we've been having I've had more time to hook!
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Beautiful. I particularly like the pink and blue piece. My first thought was a rug for a baby and then I thought it would also make a good sun rise. Do you have a particular supplier that you like to use for the wool you dye?

  2. Sherrie,
    We now get our wool from Rebecca Erb at "The Wool Studio" or Betsy Reed at "Heavens to Betsy"....they are both lofty and luscious!