Thursday, May 28, 2009


okay, this may be totally random and weird and it may give you too much insight into my psyche....but here goes.

last night i woke up at 2:30 am with a horrible migraine headache.

i don't get these very often any more and when i do i can usually knock them out with some excedrin....or it's equivilant. however, i'd taken the last one sometime last week and failed to get more....bad thing about being a now i'm up at 2:30 and having to throw on shorts and a sweatshirt and drive to walgreen's in the middle of the night.

so, i get home, take my excedrin and go to the den to try and stretch and relax and do things that i think might help me unwind.

i did this for about 15 minutes and then headed back to bed.

now, backtracking, earlier in the evening, i got a message from someone in a group i'm in on facebook. we had a page with our favorite quotes and i had put mine as "live the life you've imagined".

she asked me what that was.....i still haven't answered as i wanted to think about it for a while......creating rugs, being able to get up early and walk the dogs down some path in the woods that we'd created ourselves, having the luxury to plan and cook meals most nights, working part time at the job i'm currently in, vacationing to different spots every year....lots of things come to mind.

also, before falling asleep i started reading a new book called "saved".

it has stories of animal rescues and the people the animals are now with....i read the preface and 1 story from this book before going to bed last night. i had also finished reading "the big leap" earlier in the day.

it's about taking your life to the next level and about how we have "upper limit problems"....that we have a thermostat that is set to let us only feel "so good" and how to go about breaking those barriers....sometimes when people have a good day or have hit a milestone they either start destroying their relationships or get illnesses or what have you.

so, of course in the middle of the night when i woke up with the migraine i started wondering if my migraine was caused from an "upper limit problem"....i had just had a great day off work, had time to plan a nice supper and everyone loved it and i had also gotten the laundry caught up, the dogs were calm, we had decided on what to do with the rest of the decorating scheme in the den....things were really starting to come really couldn't have been a more perfect day.

now, i go back to bed and i have the oddest dream. i go out to my backyard and i have lonnie with me (lonnie is not that great with dogs he doesnt' know) and there is a rottweiler in our backyard. lonnie doesn't seem to mind him and goes back in the house. when lonnie is back in the house i go up to the rottweiler to see if he has a collar or tags on....he doesn't, but he starts talking to me

....telling me that he is so sorry he scared me, but he just needed a place to stay for the night, that he us really friendly, but that people judge him by the way he looks and how sad it made him that he didn't have a home or someone to love him. so we are talking about his problems and when i turn around their is a humongous dog behind me lying down

.....he looks like a big newfoundland but he is probably 10 feet long....he started telling me in his elvis sounding voice that he has also lost his home because he is so big and eats so much but he really just wants to find a home where he can be of service and help protect people and their animals.....while i'm talking to these two dogs I wonder out loud to myself, "i wonder how many dogs talk and feel this way" , as i turned around there were about 20 dogs at my back fence gate waiting to talk to me and tell me their stories and needing my help.

and then I woke up.

What does this mean?


  1. Tammy:
    It means you have a profound relationship with dogs and you might be a fabulous author of books, telling dog stories, in the first person. You always have such a wonderful way with words - what wonder doggie stories you could tell.

    Sorry to hear you had such a severe migraine. SHOULD you have been driving???????

    Take good care..................hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "Tammy the Author"..............what fun that would be! xoxoxoxox

  2. OK. A looooong time ago I used to study dream interpretations... Dogs represent good and friends. So, I'm thinking you have a caring personality that even strangers feel they can confide in you and expect an honest opinion. Make any sense? OR since Lonnie is a rescue and he led you outside to the rotweiler... mebbe it's just a reminder that more dogs need to be rescued? As for the migraine? I think it happened so you would wake up. A person always remembers the dream they were having if they woke up during the dream... OK. Me babbles more than a brook... LOL!

  3. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing the petition for the Soliders, pass it on, if you can.
    Your dream might mean, you are concerned about the plight of the animals in the world we live in. I know I am. Sorry about your migraine, I know what those are like
    Blessings for being an animal lover

  4. Now Tammy........You may be starting to obsess somewhat about all these sweet beings, and you just can't save them all. I know this is a really large and important part of your life, but're doing so much with your blog and the important message that you pass on everyday about these sweet wonderful creatures. You can only do so much. Maybe you should read a fun summer trashy novel before going to bed! That might help clear your mind for sleep, and maybe some lighter, less tense dreams. Hence, maybe no headaches, and a clear head in the morning. Dr. Dulcy's advice is free today!

  5. I just think you have rare migraines and vivid dreams! I do too. That makes me think it's just the sign of a great mind!
    And for yesterdays post, what is the answer to what you did with that spectacular rug??? That may be my farorite of yours.
    xo, S

  6. Condense your dream into one sentence (this was Edgar Cayce's method of interpreting a dream). The subconscious (sp?) speaks in very literal terms.
    I once dreamt that a giant ship came ashore, crushing my car and hurting my neck. At the time I was working a freelance art job that paid very well but aggravated a neck injury. "My ship came in" but it was crushing my health.

  7. "The Scream" is exactly what a migraine feels like! I so get it...and I do child's pose when I have headaches too.

    First time at your blog--lovely!

  8. I'm brand new to your blog and after reading this post..I will definitely be back! lol! I have just two thoughts...(1)what did you eat the night before? and (2)I wish I had dreams like that! (:
    Your rugs are just wonderful! kind regards~Kathy