Thursday, April 30, 2009

A night to hook

Last night a few of us met at Simply Fibers
to sit around and rug hook.
Okay, there was SOME rug hooking going on,
but a lot of chattering,
checking out what everyone was working on.
Looking through pattern catalogs,
adding to our stashes from the new wools
that came in from Rebecca Erb

....running to Andy's to get frozen custard or ice tea
(meeting at 5pm is hard....
not quite hungry enough for supper yet,
but by the time it gets to be 7pm
.....stomachs are grumbling to be fed!)

In the middle of March,
my friend Renee,
had a sale and Belva picked
up a pattern from her for $10
.....she showed up to hooking and it's
almost complete and it's
totally beautiful!!!!

She is hooking it in,
I think, a 4-5 cut....
truly amazing as
most of the folks in our group
are 6-9 folks...we were in awe!
If anyone knows the name of the pattern
she would love to know.....
it was simply marked with
a piece of masking tape "#6" .....go figure.

I totally needed to be stocking the shelves
with the new wools that came in,
but instead,
I indulged,
and sat down
and drank in the camraderie of our group
......I was really needing to hook
and connect with everyone last night.
It was such a girls night!

We laughed and talked about the silliest things
and we had a visitor,
from Wisconsin
and her daughter,
who lives in Ozark join our group
.....what a delight!

I did make progress on Cleopatra's rug
that I've been working on.
Last night I worked on the sky.....
I just love these watery turquoisy/tealy colors
that I'm working with.
Background is such a great thing
to work on when you're just wanting to sit around
and talk and hook....
will hook more on Cleopatra herself
when I'm at home by myself.

If you'd like to see more pictures of this rug as
it progresses
visit the "Wool Snippets Works in Progress" blog


  1. Beautiful pieces of art! And what fun to be with friends doing something you enjoy!

  2. Oh....I just hate missing hooking! Looks like some fabulous work going on! Also, just love the altered work you're doing. Can't wait to see some of it in person!

  3. In Awe is right...that calendar rug is crazy gorgeous...I even showed my husband...WOW!