Saturday, May 23, 2009

Close Memorial Gardens

Last weekend we went to Close Memorial Gardens here in Springfield. It was a beautiful day and the dogs loved having a new place to explore.
Once again, I've been playing with my new Flip Video.

Playing on the swings!

One of the many beautiful flower beds...this one overlooks the pond.

More footage of the gardens.

This iris gardens.

Seldom seen footage of Cleopatra on the run....she's so cute when she runs!

This is "I think" the native garden display.

Lonnie stalking squirrels


  1. Love the videos. Each of them gets better. Went to flicker and saw the ones you have there. Loved the extended one which showed more about rug hooking and Simple Folks.

    Boy you are getting so good. Of course I loved seeing your hamster-legged guys running across the beautiful yards. They are about as fast as my Corgi!!


  2. Tammy, Trisha is right. You are moving right along figuring out your flip video. Don't ya love it? I sure wish I had done that for Mick's Christmas present instead of a year long phone contract that I'm paying for!!! Woops!
    Now will you teach me to add music to my video? PLeeeze? with sugar and cream on top???