Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day plans

So what does everyone out there in the blog world have planned for Memorial Day?

Grave decorating?

Personally, I get it, but I find it rather depressing......plastic flowers......yech....I just hate them.....I buy those cute little pinwheels to put on the graves I visit.

They are calling for spotty rainshowers here over our 3-day weekend, but I was hoping it would be nice and we could spend the weekend out by the pool, cooking out and just "hanging out".

If it does rain, I suppose I have lots of projects to work on.....finishing up painting the den red and then also all of the trim needs to be painted.

I'm hoping to make some time for hooking and journaling and maybe a little road where? Not sure, but sometimes it's just great to hit the open road.

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