Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Facebook and Hook-In

I haven't felt my blog calling out my name lately. Not like I usually do. I've become a bit obsessed with Facebook...what a fun way to keep up with friends and family. My cousin Robin, posted this picture of us from our childhood. I remember how proud I was of that little rain outfit.
I'm the tallest little girl in the raincoat. The other raincoat girl is my cousin, Katrina. The tallest girl in yellow is my cousin, Robin and the little boy is my brother, Randal.

Today I'm sitting here looking over my dye books and trying to figure out what to dye to take the the "SPRING-field Hook-in at the Boathouse"....any ideas?

Is there anyone out there who is needing directions on how to get to the Boathouse hook-in.....if so drop me a line at
I promise to get back in the blogging mode eventually.

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