Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring is here!

As I'm writing we're having severe thunderstorm warnings and the dogs are wigged out....Cleopatra is in bed with Kenny and Lonnie is lying here by my feet shivering and panting.
Poor babies.
But it takes lots of rain to make things as beautiful as it's been here lately. Here are a few pictures of Kenny's garden that I took the other day when it was nice much color!
Bleeding hearts with wild violets underneath.

Japanese maple towering over a tulip. Sculpted rock made by a friend.

I think this plant is called bruneria? The dogs love to eat it.

Flowering almond.

Flowering almond behind water fountain.

Iris coming up.

Some little woodland flowers that look like orchids.

Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy, the garden is beautiful, as always. Whatever the little woodland flowers are, I would like to have a start or some seeds. They're sooo pretty. I've never seen them. Jimmie Dean wasn't bothered at all by the storm. What a relief! I think we got lucky and the main storm missed us.... by a few miles anyway.

  2. Wow, Tammy. Your growing season is already so much further ahead than ours is. Of course, I'm still waiting for Kenny to head my way and help me plan out my backyard so that it's a bird oasis and a hummingbird haven.

    Your yard is so beautiful but I'm sorry the dogs are scared by the sound effects that come with the rain.