Saturday, April 25, 2009

Treasure hunting

This morning we got up early to hit some garage sales........Kenny found this yesterday....crack me up! This is a little white short jumper with beading around the waist and then this long beaded jacket that goes with it.....flashback to an earlier time....almost so old that it's new again.....just needs some white go-go boots to go with it.
Groovy! I got 4 boxes of letters and numbers....
some are vintage and way cool.....
the others I'm going to try to make up sayings and then paint them in cool colors.
Couldn't resist!
I love this seashell planter.....this is going to be gifted to a friend. It will look great in his house! Lastly, I got these paintings....just 25 cents each....I'm thinking I will alter them and add words, more painting on top of them and who knows what....just dreaming of the possibilities is worth 25 cents each.
I also got some darling vintage books!
May your day be filled with unexpected treasures,


  1. You are so right when you say that old styles are almost new again. At the right occasion that ourfit would be beautiful! You found some good treasures at the garage sales, especially the shell planter :)
    Your blog header picture is sweet! Have a great day!

  2. Hey Tammy - Are there any vintage 'C's in your boxes of letters? My daughter Charlotte collects and displays them in her home.....

  3. SCORE!!! On the all the goodies!!! Sounds like you and Kenny hit the mother load and had tons of fun! :) And that first outfit... girlfriend... i can sooo see you wearing it with some white go-go boots and totally pulling it off with style!!! :D

  4. The dress is FABULOUS!!!!