Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Monday evening we took the dogs for a walk and the weather here has been glorious.....a bit windy, but glorious indeed!
For those of you familiar with Springfield these photos were taken over in the Meadowmere area. The neighborhood behind the old Red Cross/Smith-Glynn building. it was chilly enough for a jacket because it was a bit windy. i loved it because it was just windy enough to blow in scents of fresh cut grass and lilac.
and windy enough for the dogs to catch scent of a rabbit. in the photo below the dogs have spotted a have to look REALLY close, but the rabbit is near the bush in the upper left hand corner

the dogwoods and redbuds are so colorful this year

azaleas and tulips are in full bloom. i love this house, it is surrounded by azaleas.....they are all budded out, but this one is in full bloom....i imagine this is how it would look in England.

May your day be glorious,


  1. Thank you for the beautiful spring images. I remember spring growing up back east, the feeling is so different than here in the Rockies. Your photos brought back a lot of memories!

    Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!

    PS: Were you walking the dogs...or were they walking you? ;) I know how that is!

  2. Your spring photos are glorious! I enjoyed seeing the signs of spring when we travelled through Missouri at the end of March. Northern Illinois is SO far behind. The daffodils FINALLY showed their pretty heads early this week.