Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ahhhhh.....sweet rewards

There is no love, like a dog's love.
I got home from the boathouse hook-in and hung out with the dogs for a few hours and then when I went back out in the garage to unpack the car. Poor Lonnie was afraid I was leaving again.....he said he would not be left behind.....if the wool is going....he is going! Kenny would never admit it, but Lonnie is SUCH a momma's boy!
75 pounds of pure love that can squish his whole big body onto my lap.....I also refer to him as the dog blanket.
How can you resist those eyes?

The hook-in was a blur of activity! So many great people, beautiful wools and patterns, de-lish food......and NO RAIN until we started to load up to leave.
I didn't have time to take photos but lots of people who were there did, so I'll be BEGGING for them to share.
I can't even begin to express what a beautiful day it was!
Thank you to everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness!! Tammy, I could just melt looking into those could you EVER leave him home! Of course I'm partial to short dogs ;-)
    The look through the window---priceless.

  2. ohhhh, Lonnie boy...much like the Tagman, methinks. Soooo, the hook-in was great? Did you sell lots? Buy anything exciting?

  3. It's hard to beat the love o a basset! Your Lonnie looks just like my Wags, only she is about half his size. It's almost impossable to sit down with out her at least part way in your lap around here. When she sleeps with us, she always has to start the night stretched across my back. It's nice to be missed. So glad you had a great day of hooking! I have posted a couple of pics of her on my blog as well...thanks for the email!

  4. I had a great time at the Hook In. It has been a very long time since I have "HOOKED". Looking at all of the beautiful rugs and wonderful workmanship shows me just how much "practice" I need! Thanks for all of your hard work putting the day together. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Was a wonderful day! You did a most wonderful job! I bet all of us will be coming every time you throw open the doors!

    And your Lonnie...what a sweetheart!

    Love and light,