Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes, hooking

Yes, I've been hooking! I started this rug when I was visiting Patti in Florida. My goal was to hook just "original" rugs this year, but I was in a pinch on what to take and found this rug pattern hanging in my "stash" in my closet.

The pattern is from Nola and I do think it's an adorable pattern. I've tried to put my own spin on it, by changing a lot of the lines and making the colors coordinate with Cleopatra.

I took several pictures of her in different light and took them with me to help with the colors while I was hooking.

I'm sure I'll make changes before I'm all finished, but it's nice to start on a new project.

I have finished the "Swirly Tree" rug. I'm not 100% happy with it's seems a little wonky (see how the bottom right corner kind of drops down more?) and I think I just need to steam and tug on it a bit more, but here is a pic of it. Also, on the horizon line on the right I need to pull out that little piece of peach that snuck in there....funny how well you can "see" things when you photograph them.

The beading is fun to do and adds another dimension to it. Also the rolled strips that I used was also fun....I guess this is what I would call a "process" rug....trying out new techniques on a smaller rug before jumping into something larger.

Now for rambling.....I have to renew my driver's license on Wednesday, so today I left work early and ran around trying to get all the documents that I need......
Social Security Card
Birth Certificate
Something that proves your residency such as a utility bill, paystub, etc.
Not sure if I need my wedding license or not, but I'm taking it with me just in case.
On the good side, got in and out of Social Security in about 5 minutes and the same with the health department.....YAY!

Go forth and be creative,


  1. I love that Basset rug! I'm a rug hooker with a basset hound as well. What a great breed. I have done the Warren Kimble basset rug, but I love the action in yours. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Keep sharing your hooking pictures...I need to be inspired! Love your basset rug!

  3. Happy Birthday, Tammy ~ saw it on ShabbySheep's blog!! Mine, too!! Gotta love us Aries girls!!!!!!

  4. Love your swirly tree Tammy! Did you put the rolled pieces in first or leave room for them when you hooked?

  5. The rolled wool pieces were sewn on first and then I hooked around them. A bit tedious, but worth it on a small project.