Saturday, March 21, 2009

After burn

So, after spending the day on the beach at Boca, the next morning I woke up to have ReAlLy sunburned the tops of my beach for this girl....okay, no SuNnInG on the beach for this girl, but when in Florida.....I've got to see the beach!So, we got up and went to Englewood beach for free yoga. Yes, YoGa....FrEe....on the BeAcH!

Lots of people waiting to get started.

Then, 1 hour later, we're finished.

OMG! Talk about a perfect way to start the day! Breathing, stretching....all with the sound of the waves in the background.

Later in the day we took Patti's dogs, Lily and Belle to the dog park....that was a treat. We stayed in the "little dog" area, but there was a big dog, Jake, a blind lab mix, who came in to play with the little dogs....he was so sweet!

This is me with Lily sitting on my lap. The dogs ran around and played and the peeps all sat at the picnic table :)

Then we headed back home and cooked on the grill.....chicken, asparagus, French bread and roasted garlic....oh yeah, and a little wine.

What a perfect day!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time Tammy! Glad you got to see Patti and have a good visit!

  2. Sun, yoga, beach, good food, wine, good company...boy, what more could one ask for? Sounds like a great time, Tammy!

  3. Hi Tammy ~ we were in Englewood 6 weeks ago ~ we saw the yoga group in the morning when we walked!! Also went to Boca Grande ~ both great areas to spend the winter, hm? Lucky us!!!!