Thursday, March 5, 2009

That Kenny!

He's been at it again....making DE-LISH-US pizzas!!! This time he made a shrimp scampi pizza

and an andouille sausage with red peppers pizza. YUM!!!! That was on Tuesday night before American Idol....I'm still pulling for Amanda Grace....still my favorite.

On Sunday we headed to Mt. Vernon, MO to re-stock his flea-market booth at "Nana's Antiques" with more stuff. The flea market is going pretty well, so now he has two booths instead of just one. This way he can garage sale this summer and bring down furniture and other fun things.

As you can see he has quite an assortment of stuff....rustic, gardeny

and what have you.

Check in tomorrow to see pictures from our hooking group that met Wednesday night.

Go forth and be creative,


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